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Happy Monday Arquidianos!

Some have been sick because of the nigh rytm of the mountain , some will say it was the jacuzzi and others may say that is because all were injured after an intense and athletic afternoon which led to a painful end. (And when I say intents and athletic , I mean I run 10 meters and falling at number 5).

Arquid finally focuses on telling what we've been doing all this year. We are not some blog on the internet, we are going to be The Blog! (comments will be happily take into account).We are a work in progress!.

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Olafur Eliasson once told:

"In this space, time is the main protagonist, is a critical component or vehicle. The space has different times. You have a sense of space when you get lost in time. With this work, I am interested in taking all of your senses: your sight.... The situation is threatening, but develop your sense of orientation "….

This words describes our past year perfectly and now we can finally describe our journey which will continue now that we are in the vicinity of the light.

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