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Picture yourself on Weekend, maybe a Saturday, the sun is shining, it´s cold, but not to cold for a walk, One or two clouds in the sky and you have been all morning lying on the terrace tanning your self, experiencing the real “weather project “( not the one in the Tate modern) drinking a happy tonic, only because it is too soon to turn your happytonic into something else; Suddenly, an Idea.

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3×1 in “Green” Thoughts – ThreeSome

LEDscape installation was created by the design firm LIKEarchitects, experimental and innovative firm whose partners are three renowned architects: Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto João Jesus. The installation consists of 1,200 bulbs to create a path of light that invites attendees to think about saving electricity. (And how many people it took to put all these lights?)

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