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Picture yourself on Weekend, maybe a Saturday, the sun is shining, it´s cold, but not to cold for a walk, One or two clouds in the sky and you have been all morning lying on the terrace tanning your self, experiencing the real “weather project “( not the one in the Tate modern) drinking a happy tonic, only because it is too soon to turn your happytonic into something else; Suddenly, an Idea. Get up, have a shower, you know you need it, and device the perfect afternoon with some of your naive friends or companions, those you can cheat easily. Go to Plaza Castilla, gossip and criticizes Santiago Calatrava for being so damn clever, building such awful things everywhere, do what he likes, and get very well paid for it while you are criticizing  his work ,telling yourself you could do better. In the meantime, your are getting inside the “Canal” and your level of angerness is decreasing.

Magnum Photos ! Those people knew how to work.

Festival popular, País Vasco, Francia, 1951 © Robert Capa. Magnum Photos

Robert Capa, Festival popular, País Vasco, Francia, 1951

erich lessing_magnun fotos

Erich lessing Wienerwald, Austria, 1954

 Magnum was founded in New York in March 1947 as a cooperative of photographers who had two objectives: first, to make a new form of photojournalism, and secondly, create an independent agency outside of large journalistic companies , full autonomy on issues they would try and reserving intellectual property rights.

For photographers of Magnum was essential to have freedom to choose their own stories and work on them for long periods of time. They believed that photographers had to have their own point of view and should not be controlled by the editors of a magazine.


“You can not believe that the group Magnum Photography is a UNIFORM, it includes all types of individual talents and creative technical approaches and interests. That said, it does present a kind of unity, a unity difficult to define but nevertheless there.” ONE OF THE PRINCIPLES FOR MAKING AN IDEA BECOMING SOMETHING GREAT….Could apply this to Us?.


After a long afternoon learning, culturing your self and the the innocent who accompany you, deceived by the vague promise of a new and different afternoon experienced…

Reward yourself, get rest, eat, drink, and see what´s beneath your feet. You can discovered a fantastic mosaic of pieces that remaind you another time.


Geometries combined, creates a mosaic, travel to another time … and please! Please… only do one thing. Watch where you step because it is one hell of a floor. Enjoy the experience! Your are ending your day in the Punck Bach of Madrid.

Next experience….. Fisac and De la Sota…



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