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Arquidianos into “PARENTESIS”

Congratulations Team!!_VERY PROUD of YOU


Presentation Panel


Our colleagues Noelia, Juan Jose, and Juan, have represented Arquid in Parentesis, What are you doing

A series of Exhibitions including a set of Madrid architects belonging to a newer generation: professionals whose careers started after 2008; a date coincident with the start of this economic political and identity crisis, still lasting.

Nowadays, Spanish Architects face emerging issues such as having to find new ways to deal with the crisis.

Traditional architecture has been slowed down due to lack of investments: In our case we introduced ourselves in the industrial Project Management, allowing to find new opportunities to our architects. Our target is trying to present better quality to industrial architecture.

Actually this is our situation, but we also have seen many colleagues developing their careers in fashion, furniture, media, marketing and showing how big and flexible is the architectural field.

We invite you to visit the Architectural chamber (COAM) in Madrid until March the 17th, to learn and enjoy about what our young architects are doing; or visit the next link:



The Team in the expo


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