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SofarSounds in our office

Illustration by Sara González

Another extra curricular event in the office. Amazing!!!

A lot of music in a short time? IMPOSSIBLE

Many architectural answers will be given to this.

Many thanks to Sofar Sound Madrid for choosing us to wellcome back after holidays.

Photo by Begoña Soto_The Cooltrance

Photo by Begoña Soto_Alday

Photo by Carmen de Andrés_Mamita Papaya

Photo by Carmen de Andrés_Mamita Papaya Puppet


INTRO 2015_ArquIPSoundS

To Start, at last, our architectural IPS experience, we decided to merge the methological process and my personal gratefulness to all office colleagues in an amazing concert by ANAUT

Clients, workmates, friends and family made the event a special moment for us_Many thanks to everybody.

The first one to many other surprises!!!

Cartel by Noelia Moral Sanz

Why Music? Why Music related to Architecture?

Anyway, Architecture and Music are supported in qualities and abstract, mathematically measurable and analyzable relations; both also have a common historical experience and share concepts as rhythm, harmony, construction…

It may be relatively easy to theorize or invent about the commonalities between the two arts, but is more complicated to delve into the complex network of relationships that both disciplines have been intertwined in the course of the centuries. Since a comprehensive approach to the connection between architecture and sound is clear, as clear as the connection between architecture and light. The sound-waves interact obviously in architectural volumes physically as well as significantly in our ear, that are always open. Architecture is experienced through our ears as well as through our eyes. We can find examples in buildings rhythms, repetitions, counterpoints. Both disciplines have key elements to solve, such as the problem of proportions.

We would like to open with this theme as an investigation along our future projects that gives us new reflections, ideas, motivations, experiences, work improvements…..

Are we talking about architecture as ´frozen music´?
Buildings as if they were (music) scores?
Resonant rooms?
Mathematical structures and proportions?
Architecture and music as individual creations or products of a cultural and social structures?
Are we talking about musicians performing sound-architects? Or they act as architectural spaces composers?

Photo by Álvaro Pérez Bello

Photo by Álvaro Pérez Bello

Photo by Álvaro Pérez Bello

Photo by Álvaro Pérez Bello


Photo by Álvaro Pérez Bello